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The operation of transportation determines the efficiency of moving products. The progress in techniques and management principles improves the moving load, delivery speed, service quality, operation costs, the usage of facilities and energy saving. With our transportation service, you are gauranteed the to get best in most cost effective way.

Controlling materials through the warehouse is critical to your supply chain.At HM Logistic,  we  provide customized solutions for our client based on  the business of our clients and nature of goods .Our warehouse distribution services are backed by experienced professionals and huge network all over the country.

Our advertising services are the one stop solution for all your advertising need. May it be branding, logo design, collateral design, website design, graphic design, content marketing or promotion your business in social media. We belive that every business is different and so it your digital need.Hence, we also provide customised services specific to our client.

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We understand your Logistic need.

At HM Logistic, we provide industry based services. We understand the need and requirements are different for different company. So we provide industry specific services. Here are few examples.

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We recognize the needs of the power & energy industry and understand they  need to be prepared to implement a new shipping or supply-chain strategy at a moment’s notice. Our approach to building meaningful ,productive & longterm client relationships is to work with you as a partner to Power the world.

Understanding the requirement of our customer in Energy  sector and meeting them with  innovative and cost effective solution is our forte. We provide top class service for transportation and logistic for Energy sector.

Strategically managing & transporting the products  and storage of materials &  finished products are the important lookout for manufacturing sector.With our years of experience in this industry and huge networking in the country we can guarantee to serve you the best.

We understand that the food & agriculture  sector is one of the key sectors that are very much dependent on an efficient supply chain and logistics process as they deal in highly perishable items. Hence  an efficient supply chain and logistics facility that ensures the timely delivery of materials is critical. 

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