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HM Logistic solution is a multidisciplinary logistic company  that provides Industrial consignment shifting, transportation and Storage facilities. With years of experience HML excel in delivering impeccable business solution to various industry. We can help you with every stage of supply chain, from transportation to warehousing the whole procurement process has its own short-comings & it need to resolved expertly. Highly enthusiast people team up with the experience to assure the smooth flow of service. As our founder strongly belive in “innovation with perfection”. We maintain the legacy in our work culture & like to be the “Leading Lights in Logistic Industry”. 



Our vision is to be a trust worthy logistic partner to provide not only effective but efficient supply chain support to all of our clients. 



At HM Logistic, we aim to become a reliable and trust worthy company by constantly striving to improve our competencies and build a  lasting relationship with all our clients by providing the highest level of services.




Intergrity, Honesty, Transparency and constant improvement are the core values on which HM Logisitc is built on. We always serve our clients with utmost honesty and trasparency. Also we always aim to develop ourselves in order to serve our client better.

Founder's Desk

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Business Consultant
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Sadbhavna B-7/3, Krishna nagar, Sector-20, Scheme-2, Chinchwad, Pune-411019